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How do I get more fans on Facebook?(8 Quick Tips)

How do I get more fans on Facebook?(8 Quick Tips)

The first step towards a successful corporate presence on Facebook is to attract a good number of fans. But, as we all know, likes are never enough, as every new like can hide a new customer for your business.

A business  facebook page is indispensable for any brand for many different reasons, but the ultimate goal of all brands is none other than to increase their sales.

Obviously, there is no “golden” rule for everyone, as goals are not the same and different tactics should be used to serve different purposes. For example, other tactics are used to increase online sales or awareness and different to promote a mobile app.

Nonetheless, there are some steps that need to be followed in order for a company to achieve the desirability of leading its fans to its website and / or point of sale if this is feasible.

If you recently launched your Facebook product or service page, or if you think you need some basic tips to help you increase likes on the page by investing substantially in an audience that shows interest in your company, this post will be yours help clarify things.

1) Fill in your page with information your prospective customers are looking for.

Each section of the page should include content that is relevant, explanatory and “scoring” high on the search engines, with a few keywords relevant to your business.

Make sure that in the About section of the page you’ve definitely recorded:


  • An overview of what your business offers
  • The link for your website
  • Any additional information that will help fans better understand the type of your product or service

2) Remember the Facebook page plugin on your website and blog.

Your presence on Facebook must be visible and easily accessible to every digital property of your brand. Do not hesitate to promote your Facebook page where you can and remember that even the smallest obstacle or difficulty for the user to discover it will be just a disincentive.

So, if you have a website and / or blog, use the Facebook page plug-in so that visitors can share and like on your page without having to change channel.

3) Invite your friends to do Like.

The most likely thing is that your Facebook contacts are from several to many but too many, and some of them would really like to watch your page. All you need is to tell them – personally, via email, or by sending invite from Facebook, you will find the way. Be sure to maintain a balance between inviting people who you think they are interested in the content of the page and the overcrowding for promotion to an audience that is not really about it.

You can also upload a list of Facebook emails from the “Build Audience” menu at the top right of your page, and it is likely that many of the email owners in your list, if they are on Facebook, will see a suggestion for like in section “Recommended Pages”.

4) Invite your colleagues to do Like.

Your colleagues or employees in your company are a good base to start building the audience of the page. They are relevant to the subject, they are interested in the field in which you operate and carry the product in any way to their communication.

Sometimes employees not only make comments, likes, and shares, but they can also include the page link in their professional signature, even their personal social media profiles, if they want it.

5) Talk about Facebook and your offline channels.

There are no restrictions on the way a brand speaks to its audience.

If there is a physical presence, there are many things you can do to remind your customers and your presence on Facebook.

You can put stickers on your showcase, or even have the Facebook URL on your proofs. It is understood that Facebook links should not be absent from your company’s advertisements, catalogs and cards

6) Cross promote on Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you know the different use of each platform and use them correctly for the reasons they serve, do not forget to put the link for your Facebook page on your Twitter and LinkedIn corporate profile.

7) Upload content with value.

Beware of the fans of your page as if they were customers entering your store. Talk to them in the right way, always relevant to your brand and give them value through the content you choose to contact them.

What matters is to build with your fans a long-lasting relationship of trust. They may not see a post on Facebook, but if you regularly produce quality, relevant and useful content on Facebook, you will undoubtedly create a good impression and will definitely return to your page to search for and share useful information.

* If you have no inspiration, observe the different types of content in your News Feed and take notes. Soon, you’ll want to create matching or better Facebook posts!

8) Activate.

To observe a steady rise in your page, you also need to maintain a steadily active presence.

In order to achieve this, it is not enough to upload content with a certain periodicity, but also to communicate with the fans. Ask and answer questions, take part in discussions on the page, never ignore their comments. Facebook is mostly interactive!

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