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How To Build A Killer Social Media Presence

How To Build A Killer Social Media Presence

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, Snapchat, Google + and the myriad of other social media platforms have their differences. However, when considering what content to post to each platform, they all have underlying similar strategies. Posting, giving value, and interacting are three social media strategies that are essential across all social media platforms.


We all love social media. It’s hard to tear ourselves away from it. When we use social media we are being consumers. As an entrepreneur, small business owner, or blogger, you will want to flip that around and be a contributor. Your ideal clients and customers don’t know who you are, what you stand for, what you offer, or what you can do for them if you don’t post consistently on your chosen social media platforms. So, be visible on social media by posting consistently.

If you are posting consistently and not seeing the results you want, consider posting more often. Your audience is not on social media all day and may not be seeing your posts, especially if your posts are not published at the same time that your audience is using social media.

You may also want to comment on your old, yet still relevant, posts to breathe new life into them. Those who previously commented on your posts will be notified of your comment and may re-engage with you. This is a quick way to keep your business and brand on the minds of your active social media audience.  

Give Value 

Your posts should give some kind of value to your audience. You can ensure your post has value by planning them with the underlying intentions of connection, sharing, entertaining, and/or inviting.


How will your audience connect with you emotionally? What are your values, beliefs, and attitudes toward topics that are important to you and applicable to your business? How can you convey your message through social media in an emotional manner? What do you want your audience to feel when they read your post?


Does your post share anything important that would be of interest to your audience? When your audience emotionally connects to your post, how can they share it with others? Do you share posts from non-competing businesses to your page that would be relevant to your audience?


In the seemingly savage environment that we live in, people just want to laugh, let go, decompress, and relax. They hop on social media to be entertained. Does your post entertain your audience? Is it light-hearted and/or humorous? Does your post make your audience feel good when they consume it?


Social media consumers are sales savvy. They do not want to be told what to buy and are becoming wise to the fear-tactics used in direct selling. When selling through social media, your post needs to invite your audience to experience the benefits of consuming your product or service in a positive manner. Tell them what good will come from using your products or services. Make it appealing and inviting.  


People are on social media to connect, share, and be entertained. You must form relationships with your audience through connection and that not only involves posting content that connects with them emotionally, but it also involves interacting with them on social media.  

Engaging with your audience shows them you care about them as individuals and they are not just money in your pocket. Talking to them as individuals and replying to each and every comment, tag, or tweet helps your audience to know you, like you, and trust you and that is what facilitates sales through a social media platform.  

It is essential to always monitor and reply to comments every day, including weekends because no one wants to wait 2-3 days for an answer to their question or comment. Likewise, if someone uses your social media page to complain about your product or service, you’ll want to respond immediately and do some damage control.

Use negative comments as an opportunity to solve a problem and grow from legitimate criticism. A hostile audience member can be quickly calmed and turned into a fan when you take responsibility for any business errors and make it right.

Final Thoughts

A social media presence is essential for your small business. However, your social media accounts won’t benefit your business unless they are used wisely and appropriately. Creating quality content for your social media channels takes skill and time. If all of this sounds like a lot of work and you need some assistance in social media strategies and management, please Contact us  and We will be happy to help!

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