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Are you Struggling to Make Sales?6 Best Tips How to Use Your Blog to Generate Leads & Sales

Are you Struggling to Make Sales?6 Best Tips How to Use Your Blog to Generate Leads & Sales


Are you struggling to make sales? Do traditional sales strategies seem gimmicky or manipulative to you? Does the idea of making a cold call leave you with a pit in your stomach?

If so, you’re not alone. Everyone struggles to “sell”. But that’s what so beautiful about blogging – your blog content can actually do your selling for you!

When your content is so good that you become a valued resource for your readers, they’re more likely to trust you. And when they trust you, they’re more likely to buy from you. And this can happen very organically, without any gimmicks or pushy sales tactics.

This post will look at seven ways you can generate sales from your blog content – without the need to be “salesy”!

1.Offer solutions to problems

One of the main reasons people use the Internet is to find answers to their problems. Your blog’s readers read your blog because they believe it will help or benefit them in some way. It is safe to say, humans in general are often very fickle. If your content doesn’t give them reason to come back, then they won’t. (Readers look for the classic WIIFM – what’s in it for me.) Consider the benefits of using your product or service and try to relate it to the problems that your customers have. First you need to find out what problems exist and you can do this by looking at what questions people are asking on forums within your industry, on social networking sites like LinkedIn and Quora, which allow users to ask and answer questions. Find out the key industry questions and simply answer them. Then you can go back to the site where the question was asked and let the person asking the questions know that you have answered their question on your blog.

2.Inform rather than sell

Providing solutions to problems is a good way of converting traffic to your site into sales. But members of the digital generation are very good at smelling a rat. Your potential customers want to feel as if they are reaching their own decision rather than being “sold to.” When writing your posts, you do not need to mention your product at all. When you do, talk about the problems your customers might face, and if you mention your brand, offer statistics and talk about how your product solves these problems.

3.Make use of case studies, positive feedback and events you attend

Has anything positive happened to you or your business lately? Then let your readers know. Compile positive feedback and case studies about how your service or product helped a customer and post it on your blog. Your target market may be following events in your industry and if you are attending that event, why not tell your customers by mentioning it in a blog post before and after the event.

4.Offer Exclusive Offers to Subscribers

Of all your blog readers, the ones who have subscribed are the most likely to convert into sales leads, so make subscribing worthwhile. They already love your content, so give them exclusive content and offers to help move them down the sales funnel.

5.Use a Pop-Up Form

Entice your blog readers to sign up by using pop-up subscription forms. You can choose to have forms pop up when the readers have signaled they’re about to leave the site, when they’ve visited x amount of pages, or when they’ve clicked on specific content. Pop-up subscriptions increase your chances of conversion.

6.Be Mobile Friendly

People surf the web on their smartphones and tablets now more than ever before. If your blog is hard to read on their smaller screens, they’ll leave before they even have a chance of converting. Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly.

Use these seven business blogging tips and start generating more sales leads.

Final Words

I’m consistently surprised and shocked how many Business owners don’t have a marketing plan, let alone a digital marketing plan. Social media and the other strategies discussed here are all very real ways to get results and increase sales. Unfortunately, if you are failing to plan, you’re really just planning to fail.

If all of this seems a little overwhelming, let us know, we’re here to help. We’ll work through a strategy for you in a complimentary 15-minute strategy session. You’ll come out of it knowing exactly what you need to do, to grow your sales in your business.

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