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Report & Analyze

We offer detailed social media measurement services to evaluate your performance and calculate ROI.

Like most digital channels, social media comes with a full suite of metrics. You can measure everything from impressions and engagement to clicks, views and downloads. The only question is: which are the metrics ones that matter to your organisation?

We can work with you to create a social media measurement framework that ties results to your business goals. We can also help you to identify and track the metrics you should be measuring, not just the ones you can.

Whether your aim is to drive brand awareness, generate leads or simply enhance the customer experience, we can ensure you have a complete set of reporting to make your business case.

Once created, these can be produced monthly, or even weekly. We also provide one-off services for product launches or research projects.

Detailed Reporting

YourSocialZoom provides retained clients with detailed monthly reports, including KPIs for reach, engagement, actions taken and advocacy, as well as the best performing content. We include a commentary with insights and recommendations.

We use some of the most sophisticated social media monitoring and analytics tools on the market, including specialist influencer grading and sentiment analysis platforms. We can measure your social media performance against that of your competitors. We can also track the impact of your content and make recommendations for improvement.

Making sense of all the data available to you isn’t always easy. Our Data Analysts are adept at distilling insights from large data sets, filtering out the noise and providing easy-to-understand reports in presentation-ready formats. They can even integrate other data sets, such as search or web traffic, to provide a bigger picture view.