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Why No One Is Paying Attention To You And Your Marketing And How to Fix It

Why No One Is Paying Attention To You And Your Marketing And How to Fix It


Everyone wants to know how to get more attention for their work, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes. The question you have to ask yourself is a simple one, and yet, it’s profound and can change everything. Are you willing to do what it takes?

If yes, continue. If no, then stop reading now.

I am glad you chose to continue reading.

What follows is some tough love, but if you are serious about getting attention then you’ll want to read this. Not all of what I listed below will apply to you, but if one or two do then you’ll have something tangible to consider and work on – if you choose to.

1.Your content is the same as that of everyone else in your niche.

This is why competitive analysis is so important. If you’re doing the same thing as everyone else, how do you expect to stand out? Or worse, why should anyone follow you if they’re already following the other people?

2. You have no real message.

Posting motivational quotes as vague and cliché as dialogue from a romantic comedy is not “great content.” You need to know what your unique voice is–and what you can share that will reinforce it.

3.You don’t understand your audience.

There is a difference between thinking you know what your audience wants, and actually paying attention to what they engage with. Watch your content. See what gets the most engagement. And then pivot and get rid of the things nobody is Liking, Commenting on, or Sharing. It’s that easy.

4.You don’t provide enough value.

This is the big one. If your social pages aren’t the best resource on the internet for your particular niche or market, you’re not trying hard enough. Go find the person whom you follow, whom you love, who is owning your market. Now try to do what they do, better. That’s your competition.

5.You are using your sheep voice, not your leader voice

I’m quite certain someone else has published a blog post or two about why no one is reading your content, and that’s cool with me. I know my points of emphasis will be different, and more importantly, I KNOW the way I make my points will be different.

There’s no point in flooding the Internet with unoriginal viewpoints or trying to mimic someone else’s voice. Readers will see right through that. Establish yourself as an original-thinking thought leader with a unique voice, and now you’re on to something.


You’re making some basic distribution mistakes

Surprising, I know. We’ve come this far in this post without a single mention of what would seem like the most obvious reason why people are not reading your content: poor distribution.

There’s a reason that a bunch of pre-distribution points came before this one, though. If you screw up the planning and content creation process, it doesn’t matter how solid your distribution plan is — your content marketing effort is going to fall flat.

Have you tapped into your audience of “friendlies,” meaning your already-enthusiastic fan base? Are you using your social media properties to disseminate your message? Is your content easily shareable via your website or blog?

What You CAN Do Now

When you decide to make a difference and you’re willing to be generous enough to share your work with us, and do what it takes to let us know you exist in this world, then and only then, will we pay attention to you. Not before.

It’s not easy to gain attention. It’s hard work, it takes determination and it takes time. Every “overnight success” has more work behind them doing more tedious stuff than they get credit for. Many have tried before you and many have given up telling themselves they don’t need it or want it.

There’s nothing wrong with creating art only for yourself, but please don’t fool yourself into believing you are not good enough to gain our attention. The next time you feel like giving up, remember it means you are close to the threshold.

Are you going to keep moving forward or are you going to stall?

Don’t stop. Keep going.

That’s the only way you will ever gain our attention. Sooner or later it will be your turn, but only if you embrace the challenges and keep on keeping on.

Final Words

I’m consistently surprised and shocked how many Business owners don’t have a marketing plan, let alone a digital marketing plan. Social media and the other strategies discussed here are all very real ways to get results and increase sales. Unfortunately, if you are failing to plan, you’re really just planning to fail.

If all of this seems a little overwhelming, let us know, we’re here to help. We’ll work through a strategy for you in a complimentary 15-minute strategy session. You’ll come out of it knowing exactly what you need to do, to grow your sales in your business.

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